Webinar: Why universities invest in MOOCs – the importance of the social dimension

When: Friday 1 December, 15.30-16.30 CET

Where: Online via Adobe Connect (link to the meeting room will be sent to all registered participants 1-2 days before the webinar)

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The MOOC hype in the media might be over, but investments in and the uptake of MOOCs are increasing significantly worldwide. There is no doubt that European HEIs joined the MOOC movement later, but contrary to the developments in the US, European HEIs are now engaging more with MOOC development and production. Various studies demonstrate that a large percentage (at least 40%) of European Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) seems to have developed a MOOC or is planning to develop a MOOC (see latest MOONLITE report on MOOC strategies of European Institutions).

The question being considered in this webinar is why HEIs are investing in MOOCs, the role of political environments and educational values in different regions and if this support the use of MOOCs for social inclusion. 

This webinar is organised by the Erasmus+ project MOONLITE, supported by OpenupEd. 

Full webinar description. 

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