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OpenupEd is open to any institution as long as it will meet the (quality) criteria and conditions satisfactorily. This also includes possible private institutes (referring to funding mechanisms) and goes beyond the European borders to other parts of the world. 

How can I join?

Institutions that would like to join OpenupEd can contact EADTU  and do a short short self-assessment, to check compliance with some quality standards. Herewith the institute declares to obtain the OpenupEd Quality label within three years after entry. 

What are the requirements?

OpenupEd has a few basic conditions for joining the community:

  • The institution must be recognised as part of the formal higher education system in their country, fulfilling all national quality assurance and accreditation requirements.
  • MOOCs offered must be approved by the host institution, and there must be a functioning QA system in place for these courses.
  • The institution must endorse and demonstrate the application of OpenupEd's eight common features (framework) in their MOOC offerings.
  • The institution must evaluate and monitor its MOOCs offering at least in terms of participation, appreciation, and completion, as well as regarding equity, quality, and diversity. The data and results must be made available to OpenupEd on request in order to facilitate their cumulation and overall presentation and publication.

OpenupEd is a service of EADTU and a founding partner of the European MOOC Consortium

About the community

The OpenupEd community exists of higher education institutes with long-standing expertise and experience in life-long, open and flexible learning (such as the open universities). We apply innovative didactics and pedagogies that are geared to self-study and so-called independent learning. We recognize the importance of sharing our models reflecting this learner-centred tradition. We see MOOCs and more in general OER as important drivers for modernizing the higher education system to become more open and online. The research by OpenupEd members focusses on how MOOCs can adequately contribute to the global ambition of 'Opening up quality (higher) Education for All'.

Although there's a clear diversity of institutional approaches, OpenupEd has agreed on a framework of common features for its MOOCs in order to open up education to a maximum level. All institutes part of OpenupEd distinguish themselves from other MOOC-providers on the basis of these common features.

The community is based in many European countries and even outside Europe. An increasing number of universities in other countries, also in other parts of the world, will enlarge and broaden the community.


The OpenupEd community benefits from: 

  1. Being part of a community involved in the definition and development of microcredentials, as OpenupEd is a co-founder partner of EMC and the CMF; 
  2. Contributing to the openness of quality online education; 
  3. Sharing MOOCs on a portal linked with the biggest European MOOC platforms, multiplying exposure and visibility; 
  4. Providing MOOCs approved by the OpenupEd quality label; 
  5. Benefiting from joint research and development projects; 
  6. Contributing to empowering university services via EADTU’s EMPOWER 
  7. Contributing to the ambition of supporting diversity, inclusion and internationalization via multilingual and highly visible MOOCs 
  8. Having the chance to engage with the broad expertise and experience available within the community in the development of MOOCs or events (such as the annual I-HE conference) 

Community members

University of Jyväskylä (JYU)


Anadolu University


Athabasca University


FernUniversität Hagen


Hellenic Open University (HOU)


Open University of Cyprus


Open University of The Netherlands (OUNL)


Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED)


Universidade Aberta (UAb)


Università Telematica Internazionale (UNINETTUNO)


The Open University (OUUK)


Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)


Aarhus University


Kaunas University of Technology


Associate member

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