MOOC projects

OpenupEd partners work together on various services within the following projects:

  • In ECO partners work together on a decentralised business model in which various hub partners develop and offer MOOCs for social inclusion.
  • In the HOME project, partners set up an open network of MOOC experts and Higher Education Institutions in Europe. 
  • In SCORE2020, the partners worked together to build regional support centres on Open Education and MOOCs. 
  • BizMOOC is a knowledge alliance to enable a European-wide exploitation of the potential of MOOCs for the world business.
  • MOONLITE aims to strategically utilize existing learning opportunities from MOOCs to build entrepreneurial and language skills in Europe. It specifically focuses on inclusion involving migrants and refugees to upgrade their skills and enabling them to access Higher Education and the job market. It also aims to promote diversity in formal and non-formal education and training.

The European Commission strongly supports the development and use of MOOCs for different strategic objectives (e.g. as part of Opening up Education). For this the following MOOC projects are (co-)financed as well:

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