Internet and Social Networking Safety

Anadolu University
Technological advancements lead to change and transformation in our life styles

and social structure. With the internet, there has been a growing tendency to

bring our lives into digital platforms. For example, bank queues are now replaced

by online banking. We are faced with traps when seeking information in a myriad

of websites, we have social media accounts and e-mail accounts, today’s

technologies present a wide range of opportunities and threats, and the internet

has now effects on all domains of private and professional life. We need to have

thorough knowledge of these technologies and get familiar with technological

threats and opportunities to use technology safely and effectively.

The target audience of this two-week course is those who need more safety

measures when using the internet. Participants can contact the instructor to ask

any questions about the course.

Language: Turkish


Duration: 0 weeks

Hours of study: 25 hours

EQF-Level: EQF level 5 - Foundation/Diploma of Higher Education



Delivery mode: Learn anywhere online



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