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OpenupEd partnership is open to any institution as long as it will meet the (quality) criteria and conditions satisfactorily. This also includes possible private partners (referring to funding mechanism) and goes beyond the European borders to other parts of the world. 

Institutions applying for OpenupEd partnership must send a letter including a short self-assessment, to check compliance with some quality standards. Herewith the new partner declares to obtain the OpenupEd label within three years after entry. 

Basic conditions for becoming an OpenupEd partner are:

  • Only those HE-institutions can become partner of OpenupEd which are part of the formal HE structure of the country of origin, fulfilling all national requirements of quality assurance and accreditation.
  • The MOOCs offered within the OpenupEd partnership should be approved by their host institution and evidence must be provided that a QA system is in operation for the MOOCs offering.
  • The institution should endorse the eight common features of OpenupEd provision and give evidence of how those eight features are applied in its MOOCs. 
  • The institution must evaluate and monitor its MOOCs offering at least in terms of participation, appreciation, and completion, as well as regarding equity, quality, and diversity. The data and results must be made available to the OpenupEd partnership on request in order to facilitate their cumulation and overall presentation and publication.
  • Payment of an annual fee of €2.500 is required.

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