OpenupEd partners share the following benefits:

  1. The use of the strong and distinctive quality brand of OpenupEd in your institution’s national marketing (visible through the OpenupEd logo and the OpenupEd Quality label).
  2. Partner in the collective exposure beyond the national borders within Europe and the world.
  3. Extra visibility and marketing strength for your institution’s MOOCs efforts by
    1. having all MOOCs included in the overview on the OpenupEd portal and connected MOOC portals worldwide
    2. being referred to as partner on the OpenupEd portal and in OpenupEd communincations
    3. providing news items for the OpenupEd newsletters.
  4. Opportunity to benefit from our join research and development projects being funded externally (e.g. the European Commission) and operating under the OpenupEd umbrella.
  5. Opportunity to benefit from cross-national policy efforts.
  6. Opportunity to engage with the broad expertise and experience available within the partnership:
    1. in the development of MOOCs within the OpenupEd framework (or of other courses with similar features)
    2. the option of using the platform of one of the OpenupEd partners
    3. in the support of the institutional evaluation and monitoring efforts.
  7. The annual EADTU conference on open and flexible higher education offers a relevant platform for a fruitful exchange of ideas and practices. It has a dedicated strand on MOOCs.
  8. OpenupEd could be used as an exploration field in order to further expand the online learning facilities of the institution.

Please contact secretariat EADTU if you are interested in becoming a partner.

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