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OpenupEd aims to be a distinct quality brand embracing a wide diversity of (institutional) approaches to open up education via the use of MOOCs. As a consequence, OpenupEd partners agreed to develop a quality label for MOOCs tailored to both e-learning and open education. This label was published in January 2014. The associated institutional benchmarking with this label is primarily meant to be applied as an improvement tool, comparing institutional performances with current best practices and leading to measures to raise the quality of its MOOCs and their operation. This process is designed to complement both an institutional course approval process, and ongoing evaluation and monitoring of courses in presentation.

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Obtaining the OpenupEd Label

Guidance for quality MOOCs

OpenupEd provides guidance to enhance the quality of MOOCs tailored to the best practices in e-learning and open education. To this end, OpenupEd offers various MOOC checklists and support materials open to anyone. In addition, new OpenupEd partners are guided in their quality enhancement processes by the partner community and in obtaining the OpenupEd Quality Label.

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MOOC Checklists

The OpenupEd Label supports institutions in their quality enhancement of MOOC provision, focussing on Quality Assurance processes in place. We therefore have developed several checklists that supports universities in self-assessing their MOOC development.

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