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OpenupEd partnership is open to any institution as long as it will meet the (quality) criteria and conditions satisfactorily. This also includes possible private partners (referring to funding mechanism) and goes beyond the European borders to other parts of the world.

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The following partners joined forces to create a unique position compared to other MOOC providers. This relates to 1) inclusiveness both in MOOC pedagogy, pathways to HE and in partnership, 2) quality principles and practices represented in the OpenupEd Quality Label and 3) openness, i.e. the role of MOOCs in opening up education.

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About the partnership

OpenupEd partners are higher education institutions with long-standing expertise and experience in life-long, open and flexible learning (such as the open universities). We apply innovative didactics and pedagogies that are geared to self-study and so-called independent learning... 

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